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Ice Bomb - Curve

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Brrrrr…Looking for a real skin boost? Our Ice Bombs are a must have for your beauty regime. A facial tool that rejuvenates, restores and refreshes your skin whilst contouring and sculpting your face.

You can have it all! With endless customisable recipes to target your specific skin needs. Say goodbye to ageing skin, puffy eyes and enlarged pores.

Jumpstart your Ice Bomb journey today for an instant overall glow and overtime eradicate imperfections and visibly retexturise dull looking skin.

Take your skin to new heights with Ice Bomb Curve

1:  A leak-proof sink design, that collects melting water during use
2: A water injection port to achieve a leak-proof seal and prevent refrigerator odour
3: A diamond-cut shape, which can be held more securely during use

So you see, the secret to flawless skin has been in your freezer all along.

Material: Silicone

Size: 110*40*60mm

Weight: 120g